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Feb 10, 2023

Now that you have decided to spend the summer in the South of France, the next question is where? The easiest and most obvious answer of course would be to stay in a luxury holiday home. None other than Immaculate Chateau. However, beside us, there are places in South of France that you might be persuaded to see this summer.

South of France offers beautiful beaches, amazing food and little French villages/towns. There are many amazing places to visit, but we have narrowed the search down to these few:


As the 5th largest in France, there is no way you will be bored. This is most people obvious choice when they think South of France. It is an amazing city of long paths and spacious squares. When you go to Nice, expect that beach life, the stunning medieval old town and some pretty delicious French food. Yum!


Want a picture-perfect holiday? Arles is simply a stunning French town, no wonder why this was also home to Vincent van Gogh for quite a few years. This city has such a rich and strong heritage, this is why it is an amazing place to visit. For instance, back in 800BC, The Ligurians were one of the first to settle in this area. Followed by many others like the Celts, Phoenicians and eventually the Romans.

Furthermore, Arles is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its abundance of Roman and Romanesque architecture (this includes a Roman theatre, amphitheatre, baths, necropolis and aqueduct; just to mention but a few).


As France second largest city, Marseille is a cosmopolitan and edgy city. This city is different from the relaxed atmosphere of Nice as Marseille is beautiful but it is also hectic. If you are up for a city break with action, this is the place to be. In particular, why not visit Marseille’s enormous Old Port, founded by the Phocaeans around 2,600 years ago. This is a must see location if you are in Marseille.


France has a lot of heritage. One of the many World heritage sites is Bordeaux’s historic quarter. Add the following to your must-see list; Grand Théâtre, Place de la Bourse, Place du Parlement, the Grosse Cloche, the 15th-century belfry of the old town hall, and the ghostly gothic cathedral. Oh! and another thing Bordeaux is the world capital of wine. That is something to keep in mind. You will also find that some of France best nightlife outside of Paris is found here.

If you have not booked a summer holiday away. Do not worry it is not too late and many travel companies are still offering deals. Immaculate Chateau has availability for your summer stay. Get in touch with us today and we will be happy to accommodate you.

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